Singular wines from Spain.

We make unique wines from unusual grapes from Spanish vineyards towards create new trends in the wine business. Would you like to improve your portfolio? We are in touch.


The geographical features have contributed to forming a natural region that is perfectly delimited and differentiated from those around it. The undulating landscape shapes hills and valleys and so many microclimates enhancing all the shades of Tempranillo.

The whole area benefits from the confluence of two widely opposing climates (Atlantic and Mediterranean) with an annual rainfall of a little above 400 l/m2 and mild temperatures, ideal conditions for grape growing.


distinctly Mediterranean climate, with four seasons: a cold and dry winter, a rainy spring, hot summer but cool nights, and, finally, a dry autumn in which, a soft October leads to a cold November.

Milenrama means yarrow flower. So this is a tribute to this flower that grows on the banks of the multitude of paths wandering by La Rioja vineyards. It is a white, simple, lovely flower. A flower growing up all year next to the vineyard and beautify the surroundings. And so these wines: fine and elegant, not to overwhelm the palate but to stay with.

A complete range of wines from Rioja, showing the fruity character of Tempranillo with a careful winemaking.


Binario combines the Rioja heritage of elegant wines and a meticulous and respectful work of the land. That is the Binario compass. It is a conscientious work that springs of a concern. The concern for the bad- use of chemical products, an increasingly anomalous weather conditions, a higher incidence of pests and the appearance of new diseases that affect and harm the vineyard. And therefore, the wines. Serrano brothers, genuine grape growers and winemakers, took conscious about it more than 25 years ago. Since then, they work to avoid it.

Binario comes from Rioja vineyards that have been cultivating ecologically for more than 20 years. Serrano brothers were authentic pioneers in organic farming in the D.O. Rioja. They still remember the astonishment (and jokes) of their neighbors for their cultivation methods. With them, we make Binario: a two- parts compass of wines proudly from La Rioja that respect and are considered their origin.


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