Baixa Sirena

3 junio, 2016
About the project

The purity of Albariño, with all its freshness, its salinity and cleaning. A wine without artifice, which goes straight to the palate. This is the expression of this grape so unique. And to claim the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and all its mysteries, a mermaid, seen as a tale, a legend: a dream.

About the region

Sirena Baixa is a puzzle of plots scattered in the Valley of Salnes. Different altitudes and exposures, but all Albariño vines.

Each plot is different and unique, all share the granite soils, very disaggregated at the top with outcrops of bedrock in some areas and pebbles, which facilitate drainage in Galicia, where the average annual rainfall is high.

One of the vineyards is in front of the ría (the stuary), and the sea breezes impregnates grapes with salt and iodine so grapes are surprisingly salty and savory. We have a plot at 600m above level sea, on top of a hill and the bedrock granite of the soil surfacing here and there throughout the land. Another of our plots bordered by a forest of eucalyptus and these grapes smells and taste balsamic. Another vineyard is surrounded by pines, whose roots go back to the vines and these grapes remind some resinous taste.

About the winery

Our warehouse is very technological and focused on maintaining the essence of albariño. Because of that we rely on physical rather than chemical methods, so a good cooling system and a protection against oxygen are our pillars:

  • Inert gas: to keep away the oxygen and so prevent oxidation
  • Cold: to keep the aromas
  • Native yeasts: not to disguise the nature of the grape itself neither the terroir.
  • Winemaking by gravity: to avoid pumping

Variety: Albariño

Apellation: D.O. Rías Baixas, Valle de Salnes

Viticulture : Typical galician arbour, traditional pruning between 9-11 buds.

Winemaking: After hand harvesting, cold maceration with skins occurs for several hours. Fermentation by indigenous yeasts in stainless steel tanks, pre-evacuated with CO2. Once finished, wine is kept for 3 months with lees before a light stabilization.

Tasting note

Pale yellow color; a nose reminding the ocean, salty and mineral, and a citric background. An extraordinary freshness in the mouth, vibrant and bright.


Perfect for all kind of fish and seafood, even the most intense. Also suitable for appetizers, salads and vegetables.