About Us - Sobre Nosotras

Somos dos hermanas tan distintas pero tan inquietas.
We are two sisters very different but both very restless.

This is all we do…

We make unique products, unusual elaborations, we want to transmit values and we want to respect the land.

We investigate, seek, travel, try, compare, know and talk.

We talk. We talk a lot to producers, consumers, buyers and sellers; with people with experience, from the trade and also with newcomers.

And all this to create products: products that excite.


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Ruth de Andrés

Winemaker. Degree in Chemistry (University of Oviedo) and Enology (University of Valladolid). She also studied postgraduate degrees in University of Burdeos and University of Barcelona.
Ruth always noted for her cheeky sense of smell, who would have thought that later became one of their professional tools! Working, has shown me to have a knack to bring out the extraordinary.
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Ana de Andrés

Project Manager. Degree in Psycology (University of Salamanca) and Work Science, she has studied in the University of Turku (Finland) and The University of Green Bay (USA).
Ana is the little one, and, perhaps because of that, she has strong character and an iron will. She has always been the great defender of lost causes: over time, she headed her vehemence toward a persistent and organized job.

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