Red wine jam

3 June, 2016
We love wine, we love cooking, we enjoy food made with love and care, so, we couldn’t think of a better way to prove that than making a wine jelly.

This jam is made with wine from the North- West of Spain, area of Leon, from grapes of native variety Prieto Picudo. Incredibly fresh and fruity, the wine seems perfect for this purpose.


Our ingredients are just wine, sugar and pectine, we do not use additives, preservatives or flavoring.

We boiled slowly the wine in small pots at a controlled temperature in order to avoid the loose of flavors or aromas.

After boiling, jams are directly linked to the packaging machine, so jam is put in glass jars without any contamination.

Finally, all the jars are sterilized in a modern autoclave.


We think it is the perfect pair for roasted meat, foie- gras and all kind of cheese. Also pairs with ice- cream and fruit cakes.

You can also enjoy it with bisquits, toasts or even yougourt.  It is the best way to start the day with wine!