Alegra Verdejo

3 June, 2016
About the proyect

We work on large doses of enthusiasm and commitment. We love the binomial territory-grape and from this, we want to get a  wine reflecting that passion.

We do not leave room for improvisation and but sometimes spontaneity appears to give us surprises. Maybe it’s because inspiration makes us always vigilant:

Alegra could be the name of a song, a way of life, or maybe a way to love everyday

About the region

We work on a single plot of 27has, all planted just with Verdejo and grown on trellises.

The soil is chalky, loose and very stony surface, which favors drainage. Altitude between 700 and 800 meters above sea level, the climate is continental with Atlantic influence:

  • The winters are very cold and long, short springs and hot dry summers.
  • The huge temperature gap between day and night (can drop from 27ºC to 6ºC) it is the secret to a slow maturation that balances sugar and acids.
About the winery

The winery was built in 2005 and has modern technology for all the processes. Very closed to the vineyard, the design allows fast processing of the grapes, to keep all the characteristics of the Verdejo grape.
The winery has stainless steel tanks for fermentation, horizontal pneumatic presses and a powerful cooling equipment.


Grape variety: 100% Verdejo

Region: Rueda

Viticulture: Manual harvest and grapes selection in the vineyard.

Elaboration: Grapes are crushed and destemmed, after are macerated with skins for a few hours and pressed lightly. Fermentation occurs at controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks; once achieved, wine is gently stabilized, filtered and fined before bottling.  

Tasting notes

A crispy, herbaceous (in fact, word Verdejo comes from Verde, in Spanish green) and mineral wine. A true character of Verdejo reflecting our terroir: continental climate with sunny days and cool nights which produces fresh wines  intensely fruity.


Perfect for pasta, rice, and, of course, fish and seafood, not very intense. It also matches with all kinds of salads, fried vegetables, grilled or baked, and of course! the appetizer.